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New V3! - CNC Machine!

This is the Bulb Extension for the Godox/Flashpoint AD200 strobes. When using a Parabolic or Beauty dish it is important that light from the side of the bulb reach the reflector. This extension ensures the light can reach the reflector and bounce to your subject. Works best in Parabolics, Beauty Dishes, Strip Boxes and Umbrellas. 

Available on Amazon here: TurtleRig AD200 Extension

  • Increase reflected light by 1/3 to 1 stop
  • Extends Bulb Aprox. 1.25 inches (32mm)
  • Allows for even lighting when using umbrellas, beauty dishes and parabolics
  • Allows for more even spread in Strip Boxes               

    Please note, there is no magical increase in light output, what is achieved is a better spread of light into the modifier and capturing and reflecting some of the light that would be wasted into the speedring/spider of most modifiers.

    Metering close the modifier you will only see the line of sight output from the center of the modifier. Meter from a distance at least 2x the diameter of the modifier

    Think of the bulb extension as a way to convert wasted light into proper fill for the inside of the modifier and thus more evenly lit.

    Fits Brand Godox/Flashpoint
    Fits Model AD200

    Godox/Flashpoint AD200 Bulb Extension

    • Brand: TurtleRig
    • Product Code:BEAD200V3
    • Availability:2-3 Days